Available Cheeses

I started out making just blues. No one in Ohio was doing blues, and it’s really where I thought I would fit in the marketplace.

We had early success winning two American Cheese Society Awards, but I quickly grew bored of making the same cheeses over and over. So as more and more people at market requested a non-blue cheese I started experimenting with a few recipes.

While the list may seem long, it’s really about 4 recipes done in cow or sheep or sometimes blended with both.

All cheeses made at Yellow House Cheese are handmade from raw milk and aged for at least 60 days. All sheep milk comes from our own flock and our cow milk comes from a small family farm 10 miles from the creamery.

Special batches and recipes are available seasonally.


Yellow House Blue Sheep's Milk Cheese

  • Our signature farmstead sheep's milk blue cheese
  • 2013 & 2014 American Cheese Society Winner
  • Sophisticated taste of sheep's milk packed with whole, raw milk flavor
  • Natural rind, firm style with sharp, salty, blue flavor bite
  • Complex set of flavors that provides a unique tasting experience
  • Small batch & handmade
  • Available June-January

Flock's Choice Sheep's Milk Cheese

  • Creamy sheep's milk cheese with hints of blue flavor
  • Often comes from batches of Yellow House Blue that were never poked to blue
  • Small batch & handmade from the family flock
  • Limited availability as like Market Special, it's never made intentionally
  • Named because sometimes the sheep, often like the cheese, just do what they want

Pleasant Street Sheep's Milk Cheese

  • Lovely Spanish Manchego style sheep cheese
  • Floral notes of deliciousness
  • From young to aged, a perfect cheese to enjoy with your favorite beer or wine
  • Named after the main street running through downtown Seville

Styx Mountain Sheep's Milk Cheese

  • Made in an Italian peccarino style
  • Prefect shaved over fresh pasta or for light snacking
  • Natural rind
  • Named after the stables originally on the Henslee farm property

Guilford Sheep's Milk Cheese

  • Washed rind cheese
  • Delicious young or aged
  • Turns from soft pasty middle to cheddar like texture over time
  • Farmer's Market best seller
  • Named for the township which the creamery and farm are located

Kendall Sheep's Milk Cheese

  • White mold ripened cheese
  • Made in a camembert style
  • Made in early milking season only
  • Success of cheese depends on natural humidity of the cheese cave
  • Named after daughter's middle name

Wooster Pike Blue Cow's Milk Cheese

  • Sharp, raw milk cheese
  • Range of blue flavor from mellow to sweet
  • Jersey milk gives a smooth texture with a mild blue, creamy finish
  • Made from local milk from happy Jersey cow's raised on grass pastures
  • Firm style, natural rind cheese
  • Beautiful raw milk blue cheese handcrafted in small batches
  • Available year round

April Snow Cow's Milk Cheese

  • White mold ripened cheese
  • Made in a camembert style
  • Made in very limited, seasonal batches
  • Named from our daughter's middle name and the likeliness of snow in April in Ohio

Tower Road Cow's Milk Cheese

  • Made in an Italian style
  • Perfect for grating on salads or pastas
  • Light enough for snacking
  • Named after a road near the Henslee farm

Farmer's Daughter Cow's Milk Cheese

  • Cow's version of our Guilford
  • Wash rind
  • Seasonally made with mixed cow and sheep milk
  • Named for our daughters and the daughter of our cow milk family


Sunshine Gold Cow's Milk Cheese

  • Tasty, raw milk cheese
  • Feta like texture
  • Salty bite full of flavor
  • Great on salads, snacking or making sauces



Market Special Cow's Milk Cheese

  • Honestly it's any cheese that is completely tasty, but does not meet the flavor profile of the desired cheese
  • Limited batches available in limited quantities
  • Usually found at farmer's market, hence the name


Yellow House Cheese wins American Cheese Society Awards


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